Teacher Training

Stay Tuned for 2023 Teacher Training Dates!


Teach Yoga, host workshops, and private sessions

Now is the time to go for it!! I will be offering an accelerated 200 hour training fall of 2023 (dates announced soon). Guiding students thorough a training is one of my favorite things to do. I am looking forward to this upcoming training and the closeness I feel with each and every student during the process. In this training because of the short time frame we will be together a lot for a 4 month period. Amazing new and healthy habits will be formed during this training.

The four Monthly Modules are taught by owner and Training facilitator Karrie AuBuchon. Modules can be taken by someone who isn't pursuing a teacher training certification. Though often, as happened with me, learning more and more about yoga, teaching friends and co-workser eventually turned into the decision to teach and open my own studio. Yoga Bala offers Traditional Yoga in a day and age where "trendy Yoga styles are popping up and then fading away. Bala has been running a Certified Yoga School & Ashtanga based Yoga Teacher Training Program for 15 years, located in Port Orange FL. The Yoga Bala teacher training program is a 200 hour practical, On-going weekend yoga training designed to fine-tune and elevate your own practice and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be come an effective and successful yoga teacher.

Approximately 50 hour MONTHLY COURSES: Those interested in Training will get the exact hours, as each months vary slightly. This is a 4 month 200 hour training. Yoga Bala Teacher Training will cover...

History of Yoga & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Intro to the Eight Limbs

Intro to the Yoga Sutras


Names (Sanskrit and English)

Detailed instruction of standing, seated, and finishing asanas of the Short Primary Series, introduction to the postures of Second Series.

Hatha, vinyasa, yin,

chair yoga, yoga nidra, & meditation methods

This Training will be open to 20 students maximum, deposits and applications will be available soon!

Yoga Bala is always open to hiring great teachers too!! Feel free to call at 386-882-5080 or email at yogabala@yahoo.com