Yogic Sleep

Eight Limbs of Yoga Workshop

January 29, 2022 11:30am - January 29, 2022 1:30pm

Honor Body and Mind.

This is a workshop for all students interested in learning more about Traditional Yoga. We will briefly discuss all eight limbs of Yoga and do a exercise for each. Journal, breath, posture, meditation, and relaxation. This will be a a great workshop to begin the year. Learn new tools to reduce stress and enjoy a healthy life.

In brief the eight limbs, or steps to yoga, are as follows:

Yama : Universal morality / how we treat others

Niyama : Personal observances / how we treat ourselves

Asanas : Body postures

Pranayama : Breathing exercises, and control of prana

Pratyahara : Control of the senses

Dharana : Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness

Dhyana : Devotion, Meditation

Samadhi : Union with the Divine

$25. please pre register

14 spots available.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a small pillow for your comfort. This workshop is open for everyone even if you have never practiced yoga!

register online with MINDBODY or call/text 386-8825080