Julia “Jules” Greene

Jules is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and yoga enthusiast. She has intermittently practiced yoga throughout the last ten years. During her recent years she has primarily worked as a stay at home mom which left her in search of something for herself and led her to Yoga Bala. Here she found a place to calm and quiet her mind. You can find her at most morning classes and workshops offered by Yoga Bala. She has completed 50 RYT of Karrie AuBuchon’s Yoga Teacher Training with intent to complete the remainder. Most recently she participated in an eight-week mudra and chakras workshop led by Kate Potter.

Her latest Pain Management Nurse Practitioner job along with a decade-long nursing career allows her to help students by having insight into potential limitations from medical conditions. Her advanced education and training in anatomy and physiology similarly supports assisting students. She truly believes that as long as you are continuing to move in a healthy way then you are improving your overall wellness.

Julia Greene, AGACNP-BC, 50 RYT