Sabrina Banker

Chair Yoga / Gentle Yoga Teacher

Sabrina Banker attended Yoga Bala in September of 2022 after undergoing a Spinal Meningioma in July 2022 to remove a benign tumor off her T9 vertebrae. Complications left Sabrina with nerve damage, neuropathy, and limited mobility in her lower extremities.

After spending 11 days in the hospital & 16 weeks of traditional rehab, Sabrina knew she needed additional therapy to treat the entire body. Sabrina joined Yoga Bala’s Chair yoga class taught on Tues & Friday’s at 10:30. This yoga class allowed Sabrina to focus on strength, flexibility & relief from excruciating back pain while healing from mental and emotional stress.

Sabrina has made amazing improvement with muscle strength, movement and overall health & fitness.

She has also completed 50 hours of Karrie AuBuchon’s Yoga Teacher Training certification course. Sabrina loves her yoga family and continues to heal while encouraging others of the multiple benefits of yoga practice.